Liberte is an attempt [of a magazine both offline and online] to think and make think. We wish it to make it a moment in the conscience of a world proletarian revolution.

This is ideally thought of as a people’s platform to voice their views on film culture throughout the world, with an eye to a future enlargement of the spectrum.

At present, we are primarily concerned about this becoming a film magazine discussing works of art which have inspired generations of world population to dialectical reasoning, with one eye to an anti-capitalist critique.

The idea for this was originally derived from Gazette du cinéma, a cine-magazine founded by Jean-Luc Godard, the celebrated French filmmaker, in 1950.

Any piece of original writing on films would be very much welcome. We would prefer the author to refrain from bland film summaries with a blunt opinion.

Please email your works (preferably in English, Bengali or Hindi, on .doc/.docx) at: arc.6565@gmail.com